Four Reasons Why Facebook is Essential for Marketers


With all the new social media today, Facebook is still the top used platform. Users are on Facebook constantly making it a great place for marketers to advertise. Here are four reasons why Facebook is essential for your company to use.

The first reason Facebook is essential is because you can communicate with your customers instantly. When you create a post and a follower comments on it, you can respond to him or her right away. Make sure you are responding to your customers right away so you don’t potentially lose a customer. According to Pamela Vaughan from HubSpot, the majority of people want a response from the company within 2 hours. Some customers will comment or post on your Facebook page when they are dissatisfied with your product or service. When this happens, be sure you follow up with him or her as soon as you see the post. You don’t want this to cause bad word of mouth for your business.


The second reason Facebook is essential is because you can keep you customers up-to-date with your products/services. When you have a new product come out, be sure to post about it on Facebook so your customers are aware. This is a great way to get potential buyers of this new product. Be sure to also post a picture or video of the product along with a description so your customers can view it easily.

The third reason Facebook is essential is because you can drive more traffic to your website. Be sure to add a link to your website in your posts to drive traffic to your website. This can be used as your call to action. If you are posting about a new product or service, make sure you tell people to check it out on your website.


The fourth reason Facebook is essential is because you can keep your customers up-to-date with what your company is doing. If your company is involved in the community, tell you followers about it. You can post images showing how you are helping out. If your company is having a public event, make sure you post this on social media as well so you can get your customers involved.

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, you should think about getting one. If you do start a Facebook page, be sure you are updating in frequently and keeping your customers engaged.


Sources: Vaughan, P. (2014, July 23). 72% of People Who Complain on Twitter Expect a Response Within an Hour. Retrieved February 22, 2016, from


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